Extend Europe

We are aiming at providing those innovative solutions and management strategies assisting convenient professional integrations with which partners using our services can attain an increase in the efficiency of their organizational structure.

We list commitment and up-to-date professional knowledge among the most important values of ours. The project-management services of the Extend Europe Ltd. help their customers strategic and organizational efforts with concrete practical methods, instruments and also with integrative supportive solutions. Their knowledge and partners make them capable of implementing projects based on analysing and integrating technological alternatives of different fields. For achieving development Extend Europe Ltd. is ready to integrate into their working method the continuous benchmarking, the best practice and the new management processes, the forming of the most effective process-organising practices. In the development processes they aim to follow environment-friendly concepts as well as the efficient sustainability of the solution.

Research and Development

In our opinion it is of utter importance to use research activities before development activities in order to achieve more efficient and successful goals of development.

By using the most efficient research opportunities we are striving to support the meeting of the collaborator professional partners in the industrial and economic sectors from which all actors can profit.

Software and Hardware Solutions

The forming of integrated informatics systems according to unique needs from strategy generation and planning to realization, from development to the factory.

Based on the development instruments of market leading producers and with the valuable professional knowledge and work of ours, we provide solutions matching the partners needs, operational experiences, resources and the applying environment the most. Some relevant services: IT development, Telecom development, Website development, Cloud and web app development, Frontend and backend development, etc.

We help our customers in finding the answers for their projects' strategic questions and in implementing their projects in time, within the fiscal boundaries and of proper quality.

The project management services of our company support clients in the creation of a project management strategy matching the basic organizational and business strategies and in the making of an optimized project portfolio.

We are offering our clients project management strategies for integrated resource withdrawals and complex integrations.

With the appropriate tools and methods these services of Extend Europe Ltd. help them in arranging EU tenders, defining the projects, planning them, the developing the financial construction, in the acquisition of support and in the productive use.

From the making of an offer, through the detailed planning, the purchase, the manufacturing and/or the setting up, to the testing, the delivery, the support and the maintenance, our company is at your service anytime you need our assistance.

We support our partners in choosing the appropriate tools and services for their developments and projects.

The project management services of Extend Europe Ltd. help clients in selecting the best informatics deliverer and in managing procedures of purchase and public procurement from the arrangement (assessment, research, planning, notice of procedure) to the entering into the contract.